SCS Global

Global Educational institutions face ongoing and complex challenges. The choices available to both home and overseas students are wide and expanding each year. The role of marketing departments to achieve studnet enrolment targets continues to grow. Among the challenges faced are the following:

  • Increasing applications through an effective enquiry management process
  • Boosting conversion rates
  • Achieving maximal campaign efficacy through good partnerships
  • Dealing with highly disruptive visa and political changes

Student Relationship Management (SRM™) is a framework designed to deal with these challenges in as efficient and manageable way as possible. Using our wide international network, with a history of multicultural engagements, SCS can facilitate:

  • Greater likelihood of student enrolment, through a personalised support mechanism, involving both the institution and the student. This has proven to be especially useful in the enrolment of students from a diversity of cultures
  • Increased potential for students' success, through our exclusive SRM programme and follow-up mechanisms, thereby ensuring that the future graduates become excellent brand ambassadors for the institution